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About the Website and Webmaster

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I have moved these pages to the hosting site I am using for my other web sites
and I will be updating the content as I format the old courses and take additional courses.

A little about me -
I have a wonderful wife (things are so much better the second time around)
and three adult children from my first marriage of whom I am extremely proud.

My oldest son works in the security field for the government and is married
to a wonderful young lady. I pray for grandchildren in the near future.
I am so looking forward to grandchildren!
My younger son completed his Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and should make
quite an impact on the world in the near future.
My baby girl completed her Bachelor's degree in Biology/Ecology and is now
working towards her Master's degree.

At age 40, I decided that I was always the go-to guy for most things involving
technology and computers in particular, so I left a retail management career and
began building computers and networks as I became certified.
This eventually led to a position at a technical trade school and from there to more
traditional I.T. positions.
I went back to school in 2003 after several years of attending off and on.
This time, I completed two Associate degrees and in 2014 began attending
a Bachelor's program towards Computer Science with a minor in Web Development.
In 2016, I completed my BS in Computer Science, Web Development.
In 2017, I started a Web Design business specializing in making the web affordable for small businesses.
Avatar Website Design
I also started an e-commerce site for indoor/outdoor decor and bath & beauty products.
Avatar Outlets

Last update: 08/30/2017